Who we are

SKYE’s members share a firm belief: Easy access to education is an investment that yields transformative impact for any community and society.

Together, we promote unconditional access to education in South African Townships.

Our founding members’ diverse backgrounds range from long-standing management consultants over experienced social initiative leaders to engaged students. SKYE profits from their rich experience and broad skill-set, which ensures professional, goal-orientated work and continuous improvement. At the core of our engagement stand shared values and an utter conviction of all our projects.

What we do

We aim to improve educational access for children and adolescents’ in South African Townships. Ultimately we work to better young students’ employment outlook and quality of life for their families.

We collaborate closely with local initiatives to ensure constant communication and transparent project governance. Along these principles SKYE implemented successful projects in cooperation with the Soweto based organization Each One Teach One.


Where we are

Soweto is a South African Township close to Johannesburg. More than 1.3 million people currently live in Soweto, 40% are younger than twenty. Thousands of children and young adolescents are without access to education, more than half of the population is looking for work. In collaboration with the South African organisation Each One Teach one, SKYE supports local schools and students. Our goal is the sustainable improvement of living conditions and employment opportunities for the youngest inhabitants of Soweto’s’ disadvantaged neighbourhoods. We especially support families in absolute poverty and one- or no-parent families.

Our mission

We believe in education as a right rather than a privilege. Our mission is to reduce existing inequalities and to increase global access to what is a privilege to so many already.

Trough cooperation with government institutions and the targeted use of funds we strive to make a sustainable contribution in education, and international cultural exchange. Our work ultimately aims to develop an international network in the spirit of mutual learning and access to new experiences, ideas and perspectives.